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What age are you?

How old would you be if you didnít know how old you are?

This is a fun question but maybe also a big question if the answer we afford it is reflected in how we live and what we surround ourselves with.

Does your mind, or maybe your body, shout at you that you are fifty going on fifteen or whisper that you are fifty-nine going on seventy?

A recent survey revealed that a lot of fifty-nine year olds regard themselves as having reached old age.

Many who are in their forties still have a hankering that they have just exited their twenties.

For those who think themselves older, what they gather around them reflects this.

Book cases, nest of tables, soft seating and lamp tables provide an equally accurate indication of age as a birth certificate.

Furniture that is branded Traditions or Balmoral has more appeal than Plaza or Roma or Milano.

How different the young at heart.

Mirrors can be well placed and be evocative of excitement.

Bedspreads and headboards are likely to be wide and deep.

Book cases will almost certainly be subordinate in cost and quantity to home office cabinets and computer accessories.

Yes indeed. Certainly a generalisation and maybe even a questionable one.

But from the comfort of my soft chair and as I stretch for my Colombian coffee on the corner unit, allow this grumpy old man to enjoy his home as an oasis of calm.

After all, I will be fifty-nine next week and well into my seventies.

Nehemiah Butler.

Date: 07/08/2012

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