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Bedrooms. What are they all about? About beds and wardrobes. Don’t forget cabinets and curtains. Add to that soft lighting and the luxury of satin and silk sheets beneath the duvet.

Do you get it? Not everyone does.

Fact one. Only a maximum of twenty-five percent of marriages are genuinely happy.

Fact two. One partner in each of the other seventy- five percent only rarely enjoys the welcome of the marital bedroom. They are dispatched or prefer the spare bedroom.

Fact three. The “others” bedroom is very different. Threadbare carpets, stark lighting, a sagging mattress and wardrobes and cabinets that don’t match and plead for renewal.

So what can we do about it? I mean what can we do about being happier in marriage? Connect less by technology and more by face to face contact. Start speaking to each other. Listen more. Give more willingly and grasp less obviously. What do you think? At least it’s a start.

But what if that doesn’t work? Where do we go from there? Back to the bedroom and I mean the spare one.

The answer is to treat yourself. Invest in concealed lighting, deep pile carpeting, a larger bed with built in massage and matching bedroom furniture that whispers seductively and silently and even if the “other” never does, “ We love you.”

Suggestive? Maybe but remember, what the marriage commitment can’t always achieve, the bedroom sometimes does.

Ezra the Scribe.

Date: 07/09/2012

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