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Your Bedroom Is An Oasis

On a recent visit to Europe I saw that bedrooms are often the neglected rooms in the house. Utterly utilitarian. No sparkle. Little inspiration. Completely unremarkable.

How different to America. Bedrooms and Bedroom Furniture can be attractive and glitzy. Beds are mammoth. Wardrobes are cavernous. Bedside Tables twin the wardrobes and enhance the sparkle of the bedroom. Lighting is subtle and discreet and gives promise of indulgent rest and comfort.

I know which of the two descriptions I prefer. How about you? At the close of a stressful day, my bedroom is my oasis. The day may have been bold and demanding but the night leads my feet to the bedroom which is welcoming and compliant. The bed lulls me into a waking dream of peace and security. The shimmer of co-ordinated wardrobes and Bedside Cabinets elevates me far beyond my humble station in life. I am no longer who I am.

And what of Lighting? Unlike a harsh and strident day, lighting in the bedroom is sedate and massages my crisis away.

Is there a lesson worth sharing here? Bedrooms and how they are furnished should be among the most prized rooms we occupy. Wonderful beds and beautiful bedrooms make a difference. No longer merely a house to live in. Now a home to love.

Date: 07/09/2012

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